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SEINSA launches an eCommerce project
SEINSA launches an eCommerce project
25 / 05 / 2022

SEINSA launches an eCommerce project

• The Group has designed an ambitious investment & development plan based on digitalization and automation. .

SEINSA Corporation, innovative company leading the European market in the automotive spare parts industry, has signed an agreement with the main marketplaces for the online sale of its repair kits, an additional channel to its worldwide distribution. More than 17,000 references with 680,000 applications for 85 vehicle brands will be made available so that end-customers can easily find the exact kit they need in the shortest time possible. “By better understanding the eCommerce model we are able to serve better our clients and help them succeed in their business making their day-to-day work easier”, states Gustavo Iturralde, Marketing Director.

In 2021, the e-commerce for automotive spare parts reached an amount of $55 billion, of which $12 billion correspond to business between companies (B2B), the main reason why most manufactures now consider e-commerce as part of their business plans, since it has revolutionized the B2C business between companies and consumers.

In a digitalized world, SEINSA Corporation commits to an eCommerce project, with the participation of the entire company, including the manufacturing plants in Navarra (Spain) and in Chennai (India). This involves a transversal and coordinated effort. Paradoxically, despite that most manufactures have identified the need to define an e-commerce strategy, the decision is delayed due to the many different factors to be considered and the complexity to coordinate efforts: “The natural reaction is to procrastinate hoping to be better prepared for the change. The problem is that you might never feel ready enough, but your competitors keep taking steps forward”, the company said.

The Group’s brands, AUTOFREN SEINSA and ERT have a head start over their competitors as they have been certified as “Premier Data Supplier” at the TecDoc©, a quality certificate also known as “TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier” awarded for accurate information. This means that SEINSA Corporation is offering reliable details and information to help customers accurately and quickly find the right repair kit.

Faced with the challenge of globalization, the Spanish company aims to harmonized its brands with a standardized image through international registrations in 89 countries and signing agreements with the main marketplaces. The creation and redesign of the Group’s five websites and the launching of two APPS for the respective brands, help to make all the information on their products and applications, as well as the Group’s activities, available in all the sales channels.

Sustainable Growth

SEINSA Corporation has increased yearly sales volume surpassing the figure of 30 million euros in 2021, despite the foresight of the automobile sector in general. 98% of the company’s sales are exports to 85 countries. The company manufactures 17,000 references offering 680,000 different applications for 85 vehicle brands. 

The Group has established a strategic triangle with three manufacturing plants in Navarra, Spain, and a fourth one in Chennai, India, as well as establishing in 2022 a logistics centre in Poland, the heart of Europe.

 The company has become stablished as Spain’s pioneer in the development of the European model of business excellence, and it makes its anti-crisis management method available for the entire auto industry sector

 In 2002, the company was granted the EFQM European award for their management quality, and in 2005 it opened a new plant in Chennai (India), which has made possible for SEINSA to enter new markets, mainly in the US

 In 2020 SEINSA becomes one of the most innovative companies recognised by the Basque Innovation Agency, INNOBASQUE

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